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About 2 months ago
I have been using Camunda and BizAgi, amongst some others, during an evaluation. Both are easy to use. My business peers tended towards Camunda because we would get a native language speaking support (in German). (However, for very other reasons we did choose something very…
8 months ago
It depends on my use case. When doing it for myself, I prefer Sparx Enterprise Architect, as I can develop more elements jointly with the BPM design. However, disadvantage is the usability. For an approach with normal users (business analysts with low IT level), we…
Over 1 year ago
JetBrains IDEs have regular updates which, to my experience, always give additional value. Moreover, I do not have those crashes that I experience with Eclipse from time to time when updating something or adding a new component. Also the UX is, to my personal point of view…
Almost 2 years ago
1. What kind of integration do you need? Does the supplier understand your problem domain? Do you focus on flexibility, on speed of integrating, etc? 2. Are the so called adaptors there which you need? Also the protocols supported you need? 3. How is security enabled? 4.…
Almost 2 years ago
Not sure whether I got your problem. Based on my background, I used some matrix libraries many years ago, however at that time no real template libaries... I guess you are using C++? Could you interface to Fortran, have you researched on the various libraries available,…
Almost 3 years ago
As you mentioned "•WebSphere MQ: This needs a web-based remote monitoring " - we use Infrared360 for this part.

About me

I prefer going new ways in IT by introducing ideas w.r.t. software engineering, digitalisation, and creative IT management and see how they are working to generate some value.
Personal interests in
- Big Data
- Mobility
- Internet of Things
- integration of systems based on topics such as BPM, EAI, Webservices, mobile applications

Specialties: Wide range of IT-Architecture experiences, starting with hardware and ITIL processes, up to processes in certain vertical areas (life insurance, logistics, e-gov). However, major spot is on software architecture, development and methodological topics.
- IT Architect for a multi tenant multi vendor integration project with IBM MQ at IGS
- Head of Center for Business Engineering (HWZ)
- Senior IT Architect and Senior Project Manager for Siemens BIC (Zurich)
- Lead IT Architect for Swiss Life, Head of Department "architecture and development support"​
- IT Architect for CSC, head of team "architecture"
- Computer Scientist for Novarits Services - Electronic Libraries
- Teaching assistent at University Basel (parallel systems and technical computer science)
- Helpdesk for CIBA Geigy

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments