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Over 2 years ago
We are happy with the Fortinet firewall, it is a thousand times better than our previous firewall.
Over 2 years ago
I am not an expert in firewalls but I have decided to go for Fortinet FortiGate 100E instead of Palo Alto’s one based purely on price since both of them would bring the security level we require in our organization. I have also installed 16 Fortinet AP 221 WiFi Ariel to…
Over 2 years ago
I´m afraid I am not able to help in this matter. We´ve decided to for FortiGate as services, based on our relationship with our IT security provider and the FortiGate reviews available on the net. We used to use pfSence for one particular open network but let the full…
Almost 4 years ago
I am not sure if I can help you much. Our organization has got 140 employees and only one main site. Our ERP and System accessed by more than 20.000 users over web browser is provided by a third party as Cloud service, which minimizes security issues within our local…