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Over 2 years ago
I would have to agree with the reviewers that suggest which essential firewall features to examine the various firewall vendors. It ultimately comes down to the prior experience with the vendor and if you trust their firewall product since it is either of great help or a…
Almost 3 years ago
I have worked with only 2 FortiGate routers, remember them as having Sonicwall similar traits for management. Ok, but not that intuitive, so you had to learn and remember the management rules. The WG units are more familiar to me, as I have setup dozens of these units in…
Almost 4 years ago
I would rate the NG firewall usage 8-9. The reset of a NG is not as easy. You have to have the original setup USB or download and create one.
Almost 5 years ago
The Watchguard System Manager utility gives firewall traffic on one of its windows called the Firewall system manager. I suspect it only works with Watchguard firewalls.

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