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3 months ago
(English version) Converged infrastructure is basically a traditional infrastructure that has been preconfigured and integrated to ensure its functionality and accelerate its implementation. Hyperconverged infrastructure is an infrastructure in which the computing,…
4 months ago
I don't know the technical details, but if you want to work with the VMware hypervisor it would be best to select the VxRail platform, which is a part of Dell and VMware. The Nutanix platform would be the option to select if you are thinking of changing the VMware…
5 months ago
Si el caso de uso permite suministrar toda la funcionalidad de un Datacenter, la mejor opción es SimpliVity, porque es más completa (virtualiza procesador, virtualiza el storage y la red del storage, es muy eficiente el uso del storage mediante deduplicación y compresión…
Over 1 year ago
you should be impartial and also show the statements of customers who decide to purchase Nutanix Acropolis because of its superior features and better performance.