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It is dependent on use case. Generally NAS is used to store file level data and SAN is used to store block level data. Like for storing data like word Excel files NAS is used and SAN is used to store data from database applications. There are unified storages to store both…
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Yes, you are right, as converged system is mainly hardware-based and HCI is a software solution. However, Converged System is preconfigured, prevalidated and certified solution for each application. And is available from HPE, Cisco, and other vendors. Converged System is…
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There are many factors to be considered before taking any decisions. What is the data to be stored on the device? Because depending upon that we have to decide whether to go for dedicated storage or HCI solution. E.g. for only file data HCI solution will not be correct…


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Modular SAN (Storage Area Network)