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Over 2 years ago
1. Process that is already 100% electronic (no paper) 2.Process that is standardized 3. Process that is not expected to change in the near future 4. Process follows a workflow (defined steps to execute)
Over 2 years ago
I'd prefer BP for backend, unattended automation while UiPath [or better AA] for front end and including desktop [attended] automation. Each of these 3 performs pretty similar to the other in my evaluation of the 3 but I disliked the drab UI that UiPAth offers. UiPath got a…
About 3 years ago
There is no dearth of tech comparisons on the internet and both tech offerings will work with 95% of use cases in an identical manner. I'll share my personal perspective, keeping it non-technical focused. 1. The UI itself. If VB style interface is your thing, go for…