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About 2 years ago
Hello there. That is a valid question many would have when they evaluate a product. However comparison of Wildfire and Cisco NGFW would not be correct. It should be compared with what is known as Threatgrid from Cisco which does the same function of sand boxing as that of…
Over 2 years ago
This answer depends on the provider one has. These days people in enterprise are moving away from big names to Fortinet, WatchGuard. I would recommend them to stick to secure architecture than just names. Check the frequency at which their threat database is updated. Ask…
Over 2 years ago
Over 4 years ago
Hello Orlee, Thanks for reaching out to me. The documentation covers the entirity of the product along with guide to why that feature is enriching. Most vendors tend to forget that the documentation is written to keep the end user being a completely newbie. They just…
Over 5 years ago
There are already some good answers about it but this is what I understand for a firewall. It is a luxury when compared in a networking domain. So basics first, we would need to suit your networking requirement. For this you need to settle down for Vendor whom you need to…
Over 6 years ago
There are only few which have VPN terminated directly on the PA with other vendors. On those scenario they work decently. However, there were some odd cases where in relying did not work for some reason. For that we cleared some session and made the device as responder to…

About me

With 7+ years of IT / Telco industry R&D experience as Architect, Service Delivery, Operations Engineer across various platforms like ECL, AWS Direct Connect, Azure, Cisco, Juniper, SDN, NFV, SD-WAN, MCC holds a certification in CCIE and PCNSE and understanding of API (Rest and SOAP).

Has good proficiency in Scripting especially in BASH (Shell Scripting).

Experience in IT cloud platform architect and design experience (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)

In-depth knowledge in designing patterns, enterprise integration patterns and patterns for modern enterprise architecture which includes

- Networking,
- Linux,
- Software-defined networking,
- Network virtualization,
- Open protocols,
- Application acceleration
- Load balancing,
- DNS,
- Virtual private networks and their application to PaaS and IaaS technologies.

· Strong R&D background on modern XaaS cloud infrastructure and platform. In-depth knowledge about IP network architecture

· Deep knowledge with any of the following open source projects: OpenStack, CloudStack, ELK, MySQL, OpenNMS Horizon.

· Deep product knowledge, understanding and implementation across: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

· Experience in designing virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

· An understanding of cloud ecosystem and leading-edge cloud emerging technologies

· Experience with automation and DevOps principles

Area of Expertise include Pricing, Consulting, Solution Designing, Implementing, RFXs,, SoWs, along with Network administration,

Looking for challenging opportunity If you have one reach out to me to determine if it works.

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