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3 months ago
I think VMware Horizon View is a very solid product.  I think it is the most mature product on the whole spectrum. All virtual desktop environments require tuning for performance. Depending on the size of the company you don't need 1/10 of the bells & whistles that the…
Over 1 year ago
Hyper-converged is typically an "all in one box/rack" solution. It consists of compute, storage & network resources all tied together physically (and through software).  Hyper-converged for a pro - is a complete solution. You don't have to architect it. All you have to know…
Over 1 year ago
It's a mature product - it works well and is supported well. Having all our desktops and data in one place - data center - makes life so much simplier.
Over 1 year ago
Well 99% of those terms are marketing. Typically when a vendor asks - are you converged or do you have a hyper-converged infrastructure it is about hardware. But you have it backwards. Typically HCI is a "packaged" solution. It is the compute, storage & networking in one…
Over 1 year ago
I think the things to be considered are: - How is it managed? Is it part of another solution? - How does it cache? Are their multiple levels of cache? How good is it in caching? - How does it handle the networking side? You must have a sync "ring" and an access "ring" of…
Over 2 years ago
Typically the definition is sort of marketing/sales term (IMHO) that describe a "box" - piece of hardware that has CPU, RAM, storage & networking and oftentimes even bundles the hypervisor as a single package. Everything all in one chassis. Sort of an extension of the blade…
About 3 years ago
I share your comments - the support is outstanding. It is a good even great product but the support is what is going to make me stay with StarWind.
About 3 years ago
I agree. The product is good - great even. But the support is the secret sauce. StarWind support is fantastic.
About 3 years ago
Performance followed very closely by reliability - and all that closely tied together by "how much does this *%^& cost?" Performance = real life what does it feel like at the other end of the wire.

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