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Over 2 years ago
Possibly CommVault can do it but what's the data type? If they are too small files, no backup program show 100Gbps. And also what kind of backup repository will you use? Maybe full flash repository can handle this IO.
Over 3 years ago
I Only used Violin and Purestorage all flash units. I used 3PAR but is had SAS and SSD drives only. In my opinion, Violin is first and Pure Storage is the second best all-flash unit
About 4 years ago
Hello, We don't use AFF but we used 8020 SAS and 8020 SSD and we replaced them to PURE. IO problems minimized, volume limitations resolved I degraded servers ram and cpu which were working on Netapp but when i moved systems to PURE, they started working as never degraded



Over 2 years ago
Backup and Recovery Software
Over 3 years ago
Modular SAN (Storage Area Network)