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7 months ago
It depends on your requirement. If you are looking for a SIEM/log management solution ELK would be a better option.  But if you are looking for more of a monitoring solution Datadog would be better. Also, Datadog provides out-of-the-box integrations with a lot of cloud…
Over 1 year ago
PAM solutions worth considering are CyberArc, Centrify, Beyond Trust, Thycotic & Fudo.
Over 1 year ago
QRadar, Splunk, or LogRythm could be better options. The success of SIEM solutions depends a lot on the expertise of the SOC team that will be managing the alerts generated by SIEM solutions. It is also worthwhile to evaluate the forensics capability of these solutions…
Over 1 year ago
Network monitoring proves clear visibility of your network thereby allowing you to act immediately in case of a network issue or bottleneck. You can easily identify network-related and security related issues that otherwise would take a lot of time in a network with more…

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