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IT Care Center Valuable Features

Business Manager at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

All of my staff is quite familiar with the usage and we customize based on our daily needs and based on different profiles. As a manager, I require diagnostics on a weekly or monthly basis. diagnostics. There needs to be some reporting for management and for my customers' management as well. So we created our own template. All of our different staff were required to do their own tagging or own tracking of cases. We create our own templates. I create my own template for my own weekly and monthly reporting to management. It's quite flexible in the sense that we're able to add our own customized views. We are able to easily export all this information into a proper reporting structure.

ITCC has helped us to simplify our IT service management. It has helped us a lot through all the tools and all these automation tools that we can use actions and generate our own report. I saw that it has definitely helped in reducing our time for consolidating reports, classifying reports, and tracking the problem, tickets, issues, and resolve. That's been very helpful.

Simply using the export function and converting that into my report would save me as good as two hours per week just to prepare reports.

It didn't reduce our tickets because our number of customers has increased. So I don't see any reduction. It's also a good sign because it means that more users are coming in. I don't think currently we can share our ITCC. So we are introducing the same system to our customers.

It has helped us to resolve issues more quickly. With that, we have our own internal framework, what we call a troubleshooting framework. I think that framework and incorporating the capability of logging, ticketing, and all this, may help us to resolve issues faster. On a monthly basis, we are able to close our case within three days. We are able to close 8% of it within three days.

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Chief Information Officer at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees

The good thing about the system is that it is very flexible. The reports are pretty good. Versus other systems we have used in the past, the reports are flexible, easy to adopt and to change, and we use them a lot. 

Everything related to the regular activities of the help desk team is also very helpful.

It also enables us to configure simple forms and flows. The fact that the system is very flexible for adding fields and other forms assists our customer service, as well as myself as the CIO, to easily view my SLAs and KPIs. That is very important because these are some of the most critical things that my performance is measured upon, along with my IT organization. We have automated everything related to workflow—opening a ticket, where it moves to—with the help of IT Care Center. For example, if we have a port that needs to be opened, or there is a request regarding an IP, or we need to invoke some privileges, we have created a mechanism in IT Care Center that deploys these automatically. My SLAs have improved due to that.

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IT Team Lead at a tech company with 501-1,000 employees

The most valuable IT Care Center features are the ones that we requested especially for our environment. We have integrations with Slack. We also have integrations from our computer management systems that run daily and sync with IT Care Center.

I am using the APEX forms and entities. For example, when I want to design a special form for a special entity or department in the company, sometimes I go to the APEX and develop a form, workflows, schedules, emails, etc. I can develop these from scratch. ;When we moved from ServiceNow to IT Care Center, it was very important for us to have a system that we could develop ourselves. Because in ServiceNow, we had to develop everything with an external company, and we don't want dependencies.

We have tickets that are being closed with Canned Response. Once the ticket has been closed, we get an article to act/work on. This has reduced tickets, e.g., once a user receives a Canned Response, then they can save the link to the article, etc.

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IT Customer Service Manager at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees
  • Using 70% of the tool from the perspective of service delivery and incident requests. 
  • Using analytics. That gives us a very good picture of the report: the time, delay, and SLA.
  • Using the asset management tool inside the system. 
  • Managing the OCR change requests all in this one tool. 

The solution gives internal users answers and solutions for their daily work around the IT workspace, even if it is their computer, laptops, screens, systems, etc. We have found this tool very easy to use and intuitive for us. It is very easy for me, and I am not a programmer or someone who can write code, but it is very easy for me to make most of the changes that I need in the system without approaching the vendor. 

The flexibility and customization are very good. It is very easy to change. A lot of the changes that we want to do, we can do ourselves.

IT Care Center enables us to configure simple forms and flows. It makes our daily customer-facing work very efficient and easy. For example, if we want to add some new flows or change something, we have the ability to do it by ourselves in our own time and manner. This makes it very efficient.

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CIO at Tadiran
  • IT task management
  • Users servicing tickets

For a user to open a new ticket, it is very simple. That is an important thing. The system is available for users on the main desktop on their computer, so it is very easy to report tickets. It is very clear. Also, we manage the tickets with rules, according to subject and groups, so they are going to the right person in IT. 

It is very flexible. On the side of IT management, we have asked for few changes to adjust based on our needs. The system is valuable because we can ask to make changes or develop something else. The service of IT Care Center is flexible. It helps us achieve what we need.

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Technology and Infrastructure Manager at Colmobil

This solution is very simple to implement.

It runs smoothly and all of the components are very easy to work with.

Our users are now able to open tickets by themselves, rather than being restricted to contacting us by phone.

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Manager of Global Service Support at Maytronics Ltd

It provides the ability to view all information relevant to a task. When you open a task, you can see all sub-tasks and the relevant information underneath it. You don't have to search for all the tasks and cases that are relevant to the same issue. The sub-task listing is the most valuable feature of this solution for us. 

We are also able to create workflows for things such as new hires and purchase requests. We are using it for onboarding new hires in multiple departments, and we are able to create workflows with IT Care Center. We have subsidiaries, and for every subsidiary, we have different rules. It allows us to put the name of the new hire and the computer and software needs for that subsidiary. Around 30% or 40% of our processes are self-service now. We have additional work to do, but we're getting there.

I like the flexibility that IT Care Center provides for creating the forms. I can put the fields, values, dropdowns, etc. It makes things much easier, which is another advantage of this solution. When a user opens a ticket, there are certain values that he or she must enter in order for us to solve the ticket faster. For example, a user must enter his or her email. So, I can create a form with all the things that he or she must do, such as provide an email, phone number, etc. These are required fields. A user can't create a ticket without providing that information. So, it saves time and makes the work efficient.

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Learn what your peers think about IT Care Center. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
563,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.