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IT Central Station Announces Winners of its Inaugural Peer Awards Across 60 Categories

IT Central Station, the leading technology review site in Cybersecurity, DevOps and IT, has announced winners of the 2021 Peer Awards, spanning across 60 categories. Peer Awards rank the world’s best tech products based on authentic, timely reviews from verified reviewers. Enterprise tech decision makers rely on IT Central Station’s in-depth peer product reviews and unparalleled peer-driven content to make well-informed, smart business decisions.

This year’s Peer Award winners were selected based on verified reviews that were published between January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020, and an annual average of IT Central Station’s weighted ranking score. The product ranking score is calculated using a weighted algorithm, as explained in detail here.

This is the first year IT Central Station is giving Peer Awards to eligible companies. “This past year of COVID has led to a surge in the relevance of online reviews,” said IT Central Station’s CEO, Russell Rothstein. “We’re announcing our Peer Awards now because access to so much rich peer feedback has been transformative. We have achieved our ongoing ambitious goal of zero fake reviews. IT Central Station’s crowdsourced content is known for its depth and quality, with an average of over 600 words per review.”

Date released:
Tuesday March 09, 2021