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October 27 2021
Tech review site IT Central Station closed on a $30 million Series A led by Invictus Growth Partners. The site grew ARR 124%, surpassed 500,000 registered members, and was visited by 3.5 million enterprise software buyers over the past year. The firm was bootstrapped in 2012 and has been self-funded until now. It is both profitable and cash-flow…
October 26 2021
IT Central Station, a review site used by IT professionals to weigh in on the software they use, recently compiled a report of the top-rated cloud-cost-management companies and products. Here are the top cloud-cost-management companies and tools, according to IT pros cited an October report that IT Central Station shared with Insider.
October 07 2021
Modiin-based enterprise technology review platform IT Central Station has completed a $30 million Series A led by Invictus Growth Partners. The company was founded in 2011 and employs 60 people in Modiin. Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM are all among its clients. The company, founded by CEO Russell Rothstein, plans to use the funds to help with its…
October 07 2021
Invictus Growth Partners has led a $30 million Series A in IT Central Station, an enterprise technology review platform. In the past year, New York-based IT Central Station surpassed 500,000 registered members and its platform was visited by 3.5 million enterprise software buyers.
October 06 2021
Technology-focused Invictus Growth Partners is backing IT Central Station Ltd., a provider of peer reviews for software and other enterprise technology products. The San Francisco-based firm is investing $30 million for a minority stake in the company, which is rebranding as PeerSpot, according to Russell Rothstein, co-founder and chief…
September 01 2021
Those who work in IT know that changes are happening at a faster rate than ever before, with growing demands being put upon IT professionals as companies struggle to stay relevant and competitive in the ‘always on' digital world. The need to improve efficiency is therefore crucial and many companies are starting to discover that IT service…
August 25 2021
Deduplication software is becoming prevalent in enterprise as more businesses seek to better manage and protect their data in the face of increasing levels of cybercrime. With strong deduplication products, businesses can revolutionise the way that they approach data backup and keep their information secure. However, choosing the right solution…
August 20 2021
IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the de-dupe software market.
August 18 2021
With the digital age leading to an unprecedented increase in the amount of data that businesses create, managing it effectively has become increasingly difficult. Many businesses are now turning to deduplication software to help with their data management practices. However, selecting a solution is not easy, and there are multiple choices for…
August 04 2021
Today, strong enterprise security hinges on the ability to securely authenticate identities and control access for every person, application and machine across the extended enterprise. To manage this more effectively, many businesses are utilising single sign-on solutions and the benefits they can offer.
July 28 2021
Configuration management solutions are becoming increasingly vital for businesses to consider using. It has never been more important for businesses to be able to configure their IT resources to ensure that they are well known and offer the right level of access or security.
July 22 2021
IT Central Station is a community that is built on trust, honesty, integrity, and respect of its members. These core elements guide the promise we make to users about all content on our site. Here are some of the measures that we have in place to maintain the highest quality of reviews:
July 21 2021
PAM solutions are critical cybersecurity controls that address the security risks associated with the use of privileged access in organisations and companies. Recently, the PAM landscape has become more complicated as more non-traditional users require privileged access to IT and business data. To meet these new needs, businesses are investing in…
July 14 2021
With organisations utilising ever increasing numbers of applications to meet their business objectives, it is getting harder for IT teams to effectively guard and secure their application environments. To meet the rising tide of cybercrime in enterprise, businesses need to invest in application security products and strategies that can reduce the…
June 30 2021
Companies and IT operations professionals are having trouble keeping up with ever-changing application architectures, platforms and modern technology standards, and as a result, app security, visibility, and compliance are becoming more of a concern. To overcome these issues, many businesses are looking for application security solutions and the…
June 23 2021
The firewall is the foundation of enterprise data security. Today, organisations need firewalls to help them protect against the most advanced cyber threats and to preserve the performance and uptime of their operations. However, choosing the right solution isn’t easy – every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.
June 16 2021
Over 388,000 professionals have used IT Central Station research to inform their purchasing decisions. Its latest paper looks at Aqua Security and Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks, two of the highest reviewed solutions in the container security market.
June 02 2021
Today’s enterprise networks are incredibly complex and maintaining their security can pose significant challenges. Secure access service edge (SASE) unifies networking and security services into a cloud-delivered service to provide improved access and security to organisations and users. However, choosing the right solution can be difficult – there…
May 26 2021
XDR is designed to give organisations a holistic view of their cybersecurity posture and IT environment with the ability to quickly pivot to deep investigation when further investigation is required. It also builds upon the foundation offered by traditional endpoint detection and response (EDR) by adding even more data and context that can grant…
May 19 2021
In the last six months, many cybersecurity professionals believe that security risks have increased. Malware has continued to grow in its effectiveness, and as attack surfaces get larger, there is even more strain on security teams to provide and implement adequate safety measures. As a result, many security leaders are now researching the latest…
May 12 2021
From humble beginnings in 2012, IT Central Station has grown to an active community of users who visit our site to read enterprise tech product reviews, ask and answer questions and compose articles. We have always prided ourselves on the high quality of our content. Our users enjoy in-depth, authentic reviews and discussions from their peers…
April 22 2021
As organisational needs change, and workloads become increasingly distributed, a key realisation is emerging - traditional approaches to backup and recovery are no longer sufficient for most organisations. Instead, businesses need modern solutions that can react to modern problems.
March 09 2021
IT Central Station, the leading technology review site in Cybersecurity, DevOps and IT, has announced winners of the 2021 Peer Awards, spanning across 60 categories. Peer Awards rank the world’s best tech products based on authentic, timely reviews from verified reviewers. Enterprise tech decision makers rely on IT Central Station’s in-depth peer…
March 03 2021
For decades, traditional data centres have been the most predictable and controlled infrastructure to house high-risk and proprietary assets, such as personal information, medical records, and financial information. Yet, today’s modern infrastructures allow organisations to extend their data centres into cloud services, and this change does come…
February 25 2021
Containers and container orchestration have emerged as highly desirable technologies that give enterprises the agility to embrace new business opportunities in a cloud-centric world. Built to enable the hybrid cloud, containers represent a fundamental opportunity to move beyond traditional, slow, and cost-intensive ways of developing and deploying…
February 17 2021
The rules are changing. IT organisations are now being held to a higher standard and are under more pressure. And, as they are placed under increasingly complex circumstances, IT should be leveraging innovations that deliver fast, superior access to data. These organisations would especially benefit from a high-performing, agile storage…
February 03 2021
Storage has becoming increasingly important to businesses as they learn to deal with ever-larger volumes of data. To overcome the challenges of traditional storage infrastructure, many businesses are now considering network attached storage (NAS) and the benefits it can offer. However, choosing the right solution isn’t easy – every business is…
January 28 2021
Today, businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to protect their ever-growing attack surfaces and ensure that their systems aren’t compromised by malicious individuals. In their latest report, IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the endpoint detection and response market.
January 26 2021
For this article, eWEEK referenced a number of industry resources, including TechnologyAdvice, Gartner Peer Reviews, G2 Crowd, IT Central Station and eWEEK’s own resources. This listing is in no particular order.
December 31 2020
IT Central Station's latest paper looks at DataDog and NetApp Cloud Insights, two of the highest reviewed solutions in the cloud monitoring software market. The report highlights what real IT Central Station users think of each solution, including valuable features, how they’ve improved businesses, and what each solution could do better.
December 24 2020
Many businesses are looking to improve their data integration capabilities with their move to the cloud. To achieve this, many organizations are considering iPaaS solutions. In the latest report, IT Central Station users review two of the highest reviewed iPaaS solutions – Boomi AtomSphere Integration and Mule Anypoint Platform.
December 23 2020
The availability of numerous detailed, probing product reviews by industry peers is driving a change in the way enterprise technology is bought and sold. On the customer side, buyers can now satisfy their need to be well-informed about how products work in the field. They can learn about what went right, and wrong, with a given technology in a…
December 20 2020
As cyberattacks increase in frequency and complexity, security teams need to develop new ways ensure that their organizations remain secure. IT Central Station’s latest paper looks at two of the highest reviewed endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, Carbon Black CB Defense and Cisco AMP for Endpoints, based on real user reviews.
December 15 2020
IT Central Station's Founder & CEO, Russell Rothstein, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares how you need to break the norm or defaults when leveraging new apps and technologies. Most importantly, be sure that culture takes precedence over strategy. If you have happy employees, you'll have a strong business.
December 03 2020
More than ever, business is going digital. To remain competitive, business leaders must consider digitalization, and ensure they have the right storage infrastructure in place. The latest paper from IT Central Station looks at the highest rated public cloud storage services vendors, based on real user reviews.
September 17 2020
The right PAM solution will enable security and compliance teams to define and enforce robust privileged account policies. So how do you pick the right PAM solution? IT Central Station's PeerPaper based on real user reviews of One Identity Safeguard, highlights the best practices when selecting a PAM solution.
September 17 2020
Choosing the right Data Loss Prevention solution isn't easy - every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all' solution. This is a brief summary of the report, highlighting what real IT Central Station users think of Forcepoint DLP and Symantec DLP.
September 06 2020
Based on IT Central Station, the best all-flash storage arrays vendors are Pure Storage FlashArray, Dell EMC Unity XT, NetApp AFF (All Flash FAS), HPE 3PAR Flash Storage, and IBM FlashSystem. Pure Storage is the top solution according to these reviews and rankings.
August 20 2020
Choosing the right APM solution isn't easy - every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all' solution. IT Central Station's latest paper looks at Dynatrace and New Relic APM, two of the highest-reviewed solutions in the application performance management market.
August 16 2020
Application security testing is becoming increasingly important to businesses as they continue on their path to digital transformation and grow in digital stature. Choosing the right solution isn't easy. This is a brief summary of a report, highlighting what real IT Central Station users think of Contrast Security Access and Veracode.
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