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Top 8 Oscilloscopes Tools

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  1. We have multiple systems for manufacturing tests, and it's critical for our support. The support increases our productivity.B-scan is its most valuable feature.
  2. The user interface is simple and straightforward, so I can easily measure frequency, time, and other complex measurements.The customer support is very good. If you need an application to do any measurement, you can easily get a hold of people to help you with it. This is a whole ecosystem.
  3. The most valuable features are its wide bandwidth and 8 ports.The ability to have both the time domain and frequency domain, where the frequency domain is a very broad spectral plot, is extremely valuable.
  4. The most valuable feature would be the bandwidth.
  5. Checking how many errors were on the channel by using the protocol analyzer has helped me to improve my design on PCIe PETracers.We are able to capture the transient domain accurately. There are some technical features where you can do FFT.
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  7. The user interface is absolutely great. It creates an easy working environment because it has well-integrated hardware and software. So, it is easy to use.
  8. The Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector are co-located, which makes it easier to use because I can just probe it directly on the PCB.The jitter function included into the system has helped me in terms of improving the capabilities of our product.