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Top 8 Financial Performance and Strategy Management Tools

BoardOracle Planning and Budgeting CloudAdaptive InsightsOracle Enterprise Performance Management CloudSage IntacctHubbleSAP Business Planning and ConsolidationProphix
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    It is very easy to use. It has got what they call a toolkit, which is a no-code development environment. You can develop a whole solution with it because it is a complete platform. There is a lot of online material that can be used as a reference. You can help yourself while developing a solution. There are some prebuilt applications in the platform environment. You can very easily customize and integrate these applications. It also has flexible scaling of machine resources, which is really great.
  2. The product has a direct plugin to Microsoft Excel. Once you do the budget in Oracle ERP, you can upload it, but it's easier to create and manage budgets in the Oracle budgeting tool itself. For example, if you have a shortfall in the budget, it's easier to manage that and the forms, too, especially if you also have Oracle Forms Management. You can get the forms from somewhere and then transform those forms into budget heads.
  3. Forecasting changes that instantly flow through all financial statements.The integration with our payroll system to complete staff modeling during our budget and forecast processes.
  4. The initial setup is pretty straightforward.
  5. We also use some of the other Sage solutions and for the most part, everything was integrated in the manner that I found beneficial.
  6. The most valuable features are both its budgeting and forecasting.
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