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Top 8 Data Scrubbing Software Tools

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    The solution is customizable.It is saving a lot of time. Today, we can mask around a hundred million records in 10 minutes. Masking is one of the key pieces that is used heavily by the business and IT folks. Normally in the software development life cycle, before you project anything into the production environment, you have to test it in the test environment to make sure that when the data goes into production, it works, but these are all production files. For example, we acquired a new company or a new state for which we're going to do the entire back office, which is related to claims processing, payments, and member enrollment every year. If you get the production data and process it again, it becomes a compliance issue. Therefore, for any migrations that are happening, we have developed a new capability called pattern masking. This feature looks at those files, masks that information, and processes it through the system. With this, there is no PHI and PII element, and there is data integrity across dif
  2. Address parsing. Our other software does not have this functionality.Getting the most up to date address for our members. We like to keep in touch with membership a few times a year so we want to maintain up to date addresses to be sure they receive any information that we mail to them.
  3. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for business users.
  4. The solution is able to integrate with many systems and other products.
  5. Works quickly to develop and deploy to production.
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  7. The data profile itself is excellent. You can understand the quality of the data in layman's terms.